Angela Argirò

🌶️ 🐞 🌻 Angela Argirò Event Manager Milano

Born in the deep South, my heart is there but my body is everywhere.

I lived in Rome where I studied Economics,
in Dublin where I improved my English and in Milan where I took a specialization in Event Management.

Soon I realized that I had to choose a never ordinary or repetitive job which allowed me to be always operative.
For this reason I love the world of communications.

I love doing a million things and thriving them.

I plan, organize, manage and realize.

Five words describing me?
Accurate. Timely. Diehard. Curious. Organized.

My interests

Mani che preparano una torta


My grandmothers taught me to knead when I couldn’t still reach the kitchen table.
For them, cooking has always been an expression of love.
And this is the secret ingredient of every dish of mine.

Bicchiere di vino rosso

Wine tasting

Wine makes you and those around you happy!
I like to drink well and especially to understand what's in my glass.
So, I wanted to take my first wine course!

Scogliera sul mare

Sun and sea

Like a lizard in the sun, I could sunbathe for hours.
Blow up my air mattress, I let myself be rocked by the waves of the sea and I’m fine!

Organizzazione di un viaggio


Should we leave? Where do we go? My suitcase is always packed.
Anywhere there is something new to discover.
Let’s go, but I’ll organize!

Angela Argirò Angela Argirò Angela Argirò Angela Argirò Angela Argirò Angela Argirò